Exclusive Video Premiere: Brad Armstrong’s “13 Anchors”

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After 12 years of roller coaster highs and lows with the Birmingham rock ‘n’ roll band 13ghosts, Brad Armstrong decided to pull the breaks and move his family up to New York’s Hudson Valley in 2012. While diving into a world of carpentry, Armstrong retained his part in the Southern rock band Dexateens, and began writing solo Americana material. Thus resulting in his first solo record Empire released in 2016, featuring tracks that made their way onto TV shows, including the hit show NASHVILLE (“Them Old Crows” Season 4, Episode 10).

Fast-forward to 2019 and Armstrong is back with his second solo record, I Got No Place Remembers Me, which was released on April 19 via Cornelius Chapel Records. The album features a mix of blues, folk, Southern rock, a touch of rock-a-billy and some incredible storytelling lyrics.  Today, Armstrong is set to release a very retro video for the LP’s fifth track “13 Anchors,” which is premiering exclusively with The Country Note.

The video takes one back to the early days of camcorders and VHS, and how cool it was to make movies with your friends when you were a kid. What better way to have a retro looking video than to use an authentic home video? Bridging the past with the present, Armstrong’s track becomes the soundtrack as the boys play out a heist that doesn’t go as planned.  “Funny time for me,” said Armstrong when asked about video’s plot. “I had done a little time in the clink, and when I saw my opportunity to bust out, I took it.  I didn’t count on the voracity of the manhunt that ensued, however, and I just couldn’t shake em off my trail.  Ultimately things took a turn for the worse.  Some time later, after I was paroled, I remember we tried to knock over this yard sale we came on, run by these two pretty tough looking kids, and my partner got jumpy and shot one of them down.  Well, we tried to run, but it was no good. The other kid chased us down barehanded and took my partner’s gun.  It was all over but the shoutin.  Man, that kid had more guts than anybody I ever met.”

Check out the exclusive premiere below:

For more information on Brad Armstrong, visit his website at www.btarmstrong.com and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

I Got No Place Remembers Me is available for purchase here.

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