Midland Takes Us Back to 90’s Country with “Drinkin’ Problem”

Pictured (L-R): Cameron Duddy, Jess Carson and Mark Wystrach. Photo Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Texan trio Midland has brought our souls back to 90’s country with their new single “Drinkin’ Problem” and we’re not mad. With their differentiating sound and style, they are capturing country music fans souls as band members –  Mark, Cameron, and Jess – have stayed true to their roots, technique, sound and the results are exceptional.

“Drinkin’ Problem” is really an uncomplicated situation that most of us can relate to. You’re heartbroken; to feel better you head to your favorite bar to drink. Long hours might be spent at the bar drinking and you don’t see the trouble with that. The familiar sounds and faces that lure you into the bar are the same ones questioning your drinking problems. The story is simple and so is the solution.

People say I’ve got a drinkin’ problem
That ain’t no reason to stop
People sayin’ that I’ve hit rock bottom
Just ’cause I’m living on the rocks

The superb combination of guitars and cymbals will have you hooked from the intro. Midland’s classic country sound adds the ideal touch to the laid-back tempo. When Mark, Jess, and Cameron harmonize the results are impeccable. “Drinkin’ Problem” exhibits the capacity Midland has to melt their distinguishing sound and flair to produce refreshing results. Their bravado has us taking note and anticipating their first album.

“Drinkin’ Problem” is available where all digital music is sold.