Charlie Worsham Begins 2017 with “Beginning of Things”

Courtesy: Warner Music Nashville

Charlie Worsham, the once baby-faced crooner from Grenada, Mississippi is now a bearded, older-but-wiser singer/songwriter.  The latter is one feature that’s not changed; Charlie seasoned himself in performing on the Mississippi back-road blues bars, his baptist church, and, as the winner of the Junior National Banjo Championships, he performed on the Opry stage at the age of twelve.  Once making his way to Nashville, he quickly became the boy next door with the southern charm and manners to go along with it.

The multi-instrumentalist worked as a studio musician for Eric Church and Dierks Bentley, and after settling in Nashville, Charlie curated himself a tour mate to some of country’s biggest names from Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, and on the Kenny Rogers Final World Tour.  His first Album, Rubberband, was released on the Warner Brothers Label in early 2013, with the subsequent release of its first single Could It Be,” which made it into the Top 40.  Now the veteran is set to release his second studio album Beginning of Things (produced by Frank Liddell, Eric Masse, and Arturo Buenahara Jr serving as Executive Producer) on April 21, 2017. Ten of the 13 tracks are co-penned by Worsham, starting with Cut Your Groove” (Worsham and Oscar Charles).

The guitar strumming tune, pumped up with a bit of jazz, is about making your mark in this world; like grooves on a record – all the while, keeping things in perspective, a concept that is Worsham’s “pep talk” to himself, according to a People interview.  It’s why he’s dubbed it as his theme song.  Charlie’s vocals and the harmonizing sound of a female background singer together spell out what one needs to keep themselves grounded to perfection.

“A lot of the time you’re gonna be on top
But when you fall off the charts, don’t let it stop you
Cause part of the charm is the crack on a pop and a hiss
There’s a song for the taste of your first kiss
A tune for the blues you feel when you miss
The one you love you can’t be with
It’s the crazy truth, it’s the crazy truth”

You got a melody, make ’em hear it
Shout it out loud and clear
‘Til you rattle the walls of the atmosphere
Start right now, start right here
Cause the world keeps spinnin’ like an old Victrola
Round and round, over and over
When the needle drops down, what you gonna do?
Life is a record, better cut your groove
Cut your groove”

The third tune on the album, Southern By The Grace of God(Worsham, Luke Dick, and Shane McAnally), is a true ode to Worsham’s southern upbringing.  (I sleep better with cricket singing, windows open and doors ain’t even locked / Southern by the Grace of God).  The jazz influenced song is upbeat, mixed with a vibe touting his southern style.  As the tempo increases, it develops into a percussion laden jam session that finishes the song with perfection.

Pantsis a notable but quickie tune – 14 seconds long to be exact – that starts off the album as a prelude into the multi-genre sound that’s to come.  Heavy on drum and steel guitar, the song clearly paints the picture of Charlie’s offbeat style. 

“Got outta bed and put on my shoe. Headed out the door.
I turned around and went back inside, took off my shoes ad put on my pants”.

Charlie slows things down a bit, starting with Old Time Sake”, comes from the heart of a man, who’s trying to reunite with this girl, but not necessarily for what you might think.

“I’m on my third one, so I’ve got a loose tongue.
If you feel thirsty, I’ll buy you one to.
At the risk of a cliche, would it be ok, if we sit here together and talk for a few.
I usually get home before I get too gone, but I don’t think staying, would be a mistake.
I love this song too, could I dance with you.  Let’s try something new, for old time sake”

While the album may stay true to Worsham’s style, each individual song carries different styles all their own.

Beginning of Things Track List

  1. Pants
  2. Please People Please
  3. Southern By the Grace of God
  4. Call You Up
  5. Lawn Chair Don’t Care
  6. Only Way to Fly
  7. Old Times Sake
  8. Cut Your Groove
  9. I Ain’t Goin Nowhere
  10. The Beginning of Things
  11. Birthday Suit
  12. I-55
  13. Take Me Drunk I’m Home

Beginning of Things can be purchased at: iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music. For more information, check out Charlie’s website here.