Brett Eldredge Sets Sail With ‘Castaway’

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Singer, songwriter, and producer Brett Eldredge has graced the country music scene since 2010 with five number one songs including “Don’t Ya”, “Beat of the Music” and “Mean to Me.” But he’s also graced his fans with an amazing, and versatile, talent.

The fans have seen many sides to Eldredge; from his Sinatra sounding vocals, to his songwriting prowess, to his ever comedic posts on social media, these many sides have appeared in the majority of his hit songs.  So with the release of his newest single, Castaway” from his forthcoming self titled album due August 4, 2017, fans will see a very vulnerable side.  One that is easy to melt hearts.

Written by Eldredge and Jordan Reynolds, “Castaway” brings the effervescent Eldredge down to a somber level. The tune’s message is of love and his inability to stay with it.  Eldredge’s performance of this melancholy tune is beyond beautiful; his vocals remain crisp and breathtakingly soulful throughout.  There is just him, a subtle acoustic guitar, and a bit of soft piano as he delivers the message of how he looks at love.

I tried to fly but I ran out of sky
And I fell straight down into the ocean
Then I rode a wave back to shore
And I stayed for awhile
Till I got tired of being lonely

Why do I always try
To run away from you
Please don’t say a Castaway
Is what I was born to do
I guess I’ll always be lost without you

The well written lyrics seem to come to life with the haunted hollow feeling his voice projects, giving the listeners goosebumps.

That haunted feeling materializes even further in the music video. Shot in the historic Ryman Auditorium, Eldredge sings alone on stage, a solo spot light shinning down. Just as he allowed the listener in with his lyrics, the tight shots of his face show his emotion, allowing the viewer to now physically see his vulnerability.  The lone member the audience also bears witness to his soul.

“Castaway” is available on all digital platforms, and to hear it live, catch Eldredge on tour with Luke Bryan.

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