Fan Testimonial: Sunshine and Waffles – Dori’s Special Bond With Frankie Ballard

Submitted by Dori:

I have been following the country musician Frankie Ballard for 7 years. Four years ago I won a contest that he held, asking¬†“what is my favorite quote from my favorite Quinton Tarantino movie?” I got the right answer, and so I had breakfast with Frankie & his manager at the Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee.

We had breakfast during CMA Fest. Frankie asked me how I liked Nashville, and what I had done there so far that week. Frankie has always made me feel special. He always looks for me at his shows if he knows that I’m going to be there. I’m usually in the front row. Frankie has a show that he does every December in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the State Theater. I live about 10 minutes away, so I’ve gone every year for ¬†5 years. In case you didn’t know Frankie is from Battle Creek, MI. I think that’s why I feel so connected to him. Frankie is very close to his family. He has two sisters. I have a brother, two half sisters, and a step sisters and two step brothers.

I didn’t even think that Frankie knew my name until I went to where he was signing his new CD Sunshine and Whiskey. I remember looking down at the CD and I saw my name. He even spelled Dori right! I just love Frankie’s style. His music and what he wears. I love watching Frankie grow as a musician. He has been on tour with Florida Georgia Line (that’s when he fell off the stage and had to have surgery on his shoulder.) He didn’t let that get him down. Frankie has been on tour with Bob Seger. I saw him open for many like Luke Bryan. I’ve seen many more bands open for him though. I really wish Frankie would get to do more at the award shows than just walk the red carpet.